Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Young Adults

I forgot to write about the young adult group at the church! Every Friday (I missed it to see the Barnabas team, but it was totally worth it) there is a worship service at Calvary Church for 'youth' and the teachers were invited. In case I haven't already mentioned this, we're mostly referred to as "the teachers" but it's easier than saying all three of our names, so I don't mind it. It was explained that the age range was 18-30, but some younger kids have been and of course that's just fine! We went Friday, Irene's first night in town, and it was really nice. Eulogio leads the worship, and we start with guitar and alabanzas (worship songs--less hymns and more contemporary) which I really enjoy. No, my singing hasn't improved at all since I moved, but I like the way the songs sound in Spanish. The song book is pretty cool--it mostly has Spanish songs, but some of them are Spanish on one page and English on the other, and every so often we'll mix the two and do a verse in Spanish followed by the verse in English.

We met some great people at the first service, and have kept up with them since. When Eulogio invited us to church he said we could meet him in town and he'd drive us no problem. His wife was concerned because his car is already full, but Eulogio's response was that it isn't Honduran-full. He drives a 2-door jeep type thing. We fit nine of us into that bad boy. And a guitar! Of course I asked Logk if we'd reached the Honduran-full limits, but he said they once fit 12 going up the mountain to hike. They didn't have the seats in for that trip, but dang that's a lot of people. Transportation is a little different here :) So we met some guys who live in town and all seem really friendly. We also met Chantelle and Natalie, who we've started spending lots of time with. Chantelle's mom Lisa is Chris Rivera's cousin. She came to visit about two years ago, did some praying and moved here about four months ago. She and her husband Gordon, their daughter Chantelle and her friend (basically adopted daughter!) Natalie are going to spend the next two years ministering to the people in this area. Really cool people. They live in an area called Los Naranjos which isn't far from us. They took us to lunch after church our first Sunday, and then took us to Las Vegas* for pizza one night before school started. I'm so looking forward to getting to know them better. And I'll go into them with more detail as the stories continue, because we really have been spending a lot of time with them.

*There's a Las Vegas here, too! It's about a 45 min drive, and it's higher in the mountains so the temperature is about 10 degrees cooler. They're known for their great pizza, but you know I'm not much of a pizza person. Everyone else seemed to enjoy it, and it was a fun night! They're also known for their great cakes, so we'll be going back. Hopefully very soon!

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