Thursday, September 22, 2011

Card-making and the Tickling Crabs

I can't remember if I provided a list of the subjects Miss Harris offers, but just in case: English, Math, Science, Reading, Spelling, Phonics, Art and PE or Educación Física. On Fridays 2do "A" starts their day with Art followed by PE and I have to admit I was a little thrown by both subjects when I was lesson-planning. During the first full week of school I started noticing an unbelievable amount of construction paper scraps on the floor of both classrooms, and was so confused as to why. Then I had a couple kids with scissors, paper and markers working on these little greeting cards during one of my classes. Naturally, I wasn't pleased that they weren't paying attention, but more importantly I wanted to know what precipitated all this card making. The kids have this Tech-Ed class that I've been told teaches them all sorts of skills. I want to take their Tech-Ed! So far I've seen them with embroidery floss and hoops, so I think they might be learning to cross-stitch, and I've seen them make all sorts of things out of construction paper.

Sept 10th is Día de los Niños all over Honduras, and the kids made lots of cards to give their friends. I think each Tech Ed teacher had them making cards, and they were learning to cut out shapes etc to make their cards more creative. I'd resolved my art crisis! I decided to let them make "Happy Day of the Kids" cards, and it was so fun. Some of them got super creative with paper-strip fringe, straight edges to make designs and all sorts of crazy stuff. A few of them were cutting hearts out of folded paper, so I showed one of the girls how to cut butterflies. Suddenly everyone wanted hearts and/or butterflies for their cards! A bunch of them let me keep their scraps, so I'm looking forward to making construction paper cards one of these nights when nothing else is going on. Those in my pen-pal cloister, be on the lookout for sweet snail mail. I got my camera out and a couple of them were total hams. I'm looking forward to a year of Friday morning art classes. Please send ideas my way!
She was a ham! We got pictures of her making the card, then of her showing me the front, inside and back of the card.  She had to see each one after I took it--too cute!
My shy guy Cesar--he blew me away! Made this awesome mountain range and just went to town with his "colors" (colored piencils) and stickers. He even gave me his card before he left for the day :)
This little cutie got together with two other girls and made a special card for me, then I liked it so much she quickly made another! I might need a separate suitcase just for all the paper love notes these kids are so into making.

Amed made a funny-face card! It was really neat seeing their personalities  come out while they were working. I have some creative 2nd graders!
This little girl...her name is Dulce (sweet) and she is just that! She's one of my tiniest students, and I catch myself calling her Dulcita even though it can make her blush.
Beauties! Nathaly, Nidia Yulissa and Indira--Indira's hair is always done just right. One day she had two little pig tails, and instead of being braided they were clipped every few inches with these bright ladybug clips. 
So the tickling Science we were learning all sorts of things about living things, and had just covered  they move. Their Science books are geared towards English learners, so they're all about vocab building. We learned that living things move in different ways: walk, swim, hop or fly. For PE that day I had both classes--what a handful! We went out into the field and I had them move like whatever animal I called out. It was hilarious. I mean of all the times to not have a video camera, this is one for the books. They got so into it they'd start yelling animals they wanted to try and emulate. You should have seen them try to move like an octopus :) I asked if anyone knew how to move like a crab, and one of my guys got all kinds of excited. He squatted down and super squatty bent-knee walked holding his hands like pinchers. It was too much. The other kids followed suit and raced toward me...

...once a group of them reached me they all fell against me for hugs, which was just so sweet. But they still had their pincher hands, and a couple realized they were perfect tickling height. By the end of it I had at least twenty of them all around me tickling me almost to the ground. To paint a better picture, I was also holding a rather large stick I'd confiscated from one of my distracted students, so picture me writhing with laughter, trying my best to hold this stick up in the air arms over head which apparently makes me even more sensitive to tickling. I love these kids. And now they love to sneak a tickle here and there when I'm not expecting it!

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