Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Roommates!

Maryann arrived from Florida late Thursday night, and I was stoked to have company at the house! I rode with Chele to get her from the airport, and we chatted the whole ride back. It’s funny because as I write this I’m already three weeks into the trip, but even just after the couple hours with her I knew we’d mesh well. Friday morning we headed to school, and it was fun giving her the tour. I translated for her meeting with Magda, and we laminated some posters together. We weren’t there very long when it was time to head to the city to meet Irene. I feel like even from the first day we already got along like good friends, so that’s definitely promising! We all want to experience some adventure over the next year. Both Irene and Maryann understand a little Spanish, but they don’t speak it very well so it has been fun translating and trying to help them learn. Give them a few more weeks and they’ll be sounding like natives.

Maryann was in Peña for a mission trip in early March 2011, and fell in love. Reminds me of someone else I know :) We were working with different missions, and I came at the end of the month, but it cracks me up we had such similar experiences leading us to the school. Irene had never been to Honduras, but was a student of Chris’ at middle/high school in New Mexico.  We’re all first year teachers, so I guess we get to learn and grow together!
Here's me with Irene (center) and Maryann

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