Monday, September 19, 2011


Pila...where do I even begin. So there isn't a washing machine or dryer, but the house comes with a pila (a huge pila) and lots of clothes lines. Irene and I tried out the pila Friday the 2nd and it was quite the learning experience. Chele came into the yard to pick some oranges before heading home for the weekend--such a gem that guy, he even picked a bowlful for us to have in the house--and he was cracking up between fruit picking and pila explaining. We were pretty lost when it came to the pila. So it's this big, rectangular pit with a spigot and a drain. One side of it is covered with this cement slab with a slanted, ridgy platform. I'm so descriptive with all my made-up words, it's a wonder my kids are learning anything... So we weren't sure if you filled the pool and soaked your clothes? Or was the pool for tossing the clothes into after they were soaped up and scrubbed, as a sort of post-scrub soak/pre-rinse type process? I'm honestly still not sure how it all works, but I have learned you're not really supposed to soak anything in the pila. No one seems to be able to answer why we'd have such a deep pila if it's not meant for soaking...

The pila really is deep. When Logk saw it he said he'd set a chair in it on a hot day, fill it up and relax in the backyard pool! We cleaned the bottom out the best we could, because being the amateurs we are all the clothes were thrown into the pila to soak!

So we did our best, and in the end the clothes made it out just fine. It's such an upper-body workout! Which was exciting, because I really hadn't been exercising at all. 
The kitchen view of me hard at work at the pila

We got everything hung up on the line and were heading out for the night when it started to pour. Now, we went into this under the realization that it was likely going to start to rain, and that would just have to be ok! But man did it make me laugh how hard it started to rain. Everyone just laughed that we saved water on an extra rinse, and a fresh from the mountain rinse at that!
Don't let the sunshine fool you. It rained. Hard. This was taken the following morning :)

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