Thursday, September 22, 2011

Día de los Niños

Día de los Niños...what a fiesta! I've been told it's basically like Mother's Day or Father's Day, but for the babies. I have to say I love that idea, and will be sure to make it a tradition when I have little ones. September 10th--write it down and hug a kid next year!

This year LYBS celebrated the day on Sunday the 11th at the school founder's waterpark. If you've read my post about Las Glorias, the founder's dad owns that whole scene, and they have a waterpark tucked into the property. Two pools, a pavilion and lots of grass for tents and tables. The kids and their families were invited to come out and enjoy the day, and what a long day it was! Our ride arrived around 730a and I think we got home around 330-4p. Lots of sun, but we were blessed with a day that wasn't quite as hot as others I've experienced here. The teachers were responsible for making sure the kids were safe in the water, and it didn't take me long to realize I'd need to ease-up on the strict rules of a former lifeguard. Pool rules were a little more lax than some of us were used to, but the kids had so much fun. I spent more time in the pool than I was expecting, but that ended up being a lot of fun. Seeing my students out of their element and just kicked back having fun was a neat experience. I was a little uncomfortable with them seeing me so "casual" but it was great. And I got to chat with a few of their parents which was really nice.

My Alan David--this kid gives the best hugs. And you should see him dance! Hahah that's another one I'll have to capture on video
We all got a little silly, but here's me with Irene, Maryann and Josue.  He teaches a GRE class on the weekends and couldn't stay too long, so Maryann got his shades (which earned me hers) and I was the winner of his hat for the day. You know you love it!
Kerem living it up in the shallow pool
 A few of the Barnabas people send their kids to LYBS, and it was fun talking to Delilah (one of the nurses) and getting to see her husband Jose. Their little Amanda is in Kinder and comes to school with the longest, cutest colitas (pigtails) every day. I even got to see Pascuala, another nurse and the one who worked with our team. I hadn't seen her since March, and she got a big wet hug. I met her son, a fourth grader, and it's been fun seeing him around school. He even had lunch with me not too long ago!

There were a few moon-bounces that were pretty popular, and the school hired a dj and clowns to help celebrate the day. Clowns...I should have said "clowns" because these chicas were nothing like the clowns I pictured. They called them payasitas, and they were this group of attractive women in brightly colored clothing and more makeup than they'd normally wear. A few had wigs too, so that was fun. They had all sorts of piñatas, and I decided I want to make some in art class at some point this year. But I won't fill them with all that candy, I'm thinking more stickers and things of that nature.

Toward the end of the party the payasitas started a fun dance, so a few of us teachers started dancing along with them but from the other side of the pool. After the song they called us out over the microphone and we went up for a few songs of dancing fun. We learned a few different dances, and me being me I think I was off-beat or confused with just about every little routine :) It was so fun, and definitely funny. Emely got some pictures of us dancing, so I'll post them as soon as she sends them to me!
At the end of the day with Emely, Miss Jessy and Miriam. The red shirts are the elementary school teacher's uniforms, and Miriam's pink is for preschool. The "lifeguards" arrived in uniform, but were allowed to change into something more suited for water. 

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