Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Festival Folklorico

There was a Folk Festival at Hotel las Glorias, and as soon as we saw the ad we couldn't wait to go! Couldn't have asked for a prettier day to have it either. Las Glorias is a big piece of land, and the event was held right down by the water. We spent some time exploring, taking pictures and enjoying the dancing, music and costumes. Some of these girls' dresses were unreal. 

I even snagged a picture of one of my favorite things on one of my favorite flowers!

There's this bridge across the water that moves when you walk, so it can be sort of unnerving. We snapped a few pictures while we were on the bridge, but when we saw this rack of kids running toward the bridge we hurried off! The views from Las Glorias really are incredible, and it was just a nice day enjoying the sunshine, sites and sounds.

We wandered around the market later that day, and the Mexican commented on how jovial and carefree we seemed. Thanks, Armando, we're just happy to be here :)

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