Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Backyard Grill

Power was still out, and my electric stove wasn’t going to work well for dinner so Chris and I made plans to have fish, rice and veggies at his place. He has a guy named Edwin who is sort of the caretaker of his property and he wanted us to meet. Wouldn’t you know the power came on just as he brought me home to unload a few things, but he still had me over because neither of us needed to eat alone and his wife Maria was still in the States visiting family.

Chris’ house is great—lots of stone and wood accents with an incredible view of the mountains and the lake. His grill is a cement slab atop a few wooden posts. Cinder blocks and something metal make up the actual grill apparatus, but whatever it all is I liked it! We had quite the sautee. I chopped veggies and chatted with Edwin who claims he doesn’t know how to cook at all. I assured him that a few dinners around me and I’d get him having fun in the kitchen. We’ll see how that progresses! I’m hoping we can trade some cooking lessons for hiking tours through some of the mountains. I’m so curious to see what’s up there, but I’ve heard it’s only safe to go with someone who knows the way. There’s a mountain right by school that apparently is home to toucans and other fun birds! Edwin handled the fish, well, Edwin started the fish and Chris finished it off while I took care of the veggies. We added some culantro to the mix and it was tasty. No, that is not a typo. They have an herb here called culantro--it grows wild and smells amazing. It's like a spiky cousin to cilantro, same smell only a little stronger. But watch out--the leaves are a little prickly!

Dinner was delicious, and after eating we sipped some great coffee. I am definitely going to look into building some sort of wood burning grill when I get back to the States (and have a house of course…) Something about grilling that way just made the food taste better!
The grill! **We did not use the contents of the Hunt's can in our dinner, I'm assuming it was there in case of a flare-up

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