Tuesday, September 20, 2011


We’d all three had a very long day at school, and it was an incredibly hot day. Walking to market is one of our favorite stress-relievers, and we were so warm on the walk we decided to stop at Copacabana (Maryann likes to refer to Copa as “The Hot Spot” because it just seems like the place to be) for a granizado. Karla, the owner, makes these blended fruit drinks and people just rave about them. She makes some with yogurt, some with milk and some with just sugar-water. She makes them all with fresh fruit, and has so many options! We’d been to Copa a few times before, but I’d been good about resisting the granizado. Well it was just too hot that day, and this girl wanted a Honduran slurpee! I couldn’t decide between papaya or pineapple, so Karla mixed them together! She even used plain water instead of her sugar water. They’re too good to me here :) So my first granizado was delicious, and it won’t be my last. 

Cheesie smile pic? Maybe! But it was tasty :)
As a comedic aside, we were at Copa not that long ago and Karla was wearing a shirt that said something like “Queen of Smooth” …the girls and I love to see people with English on their clothing and wonder if they know what it means… so I told Karla how ironic her shirt was because in the States we’d call her drink smoothies, and her top boasted she was the queen of smooth. She laughed so hard!

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