Monday, September 19, 2011

A little more sobre la casa...

My room is so much bigger than I was expecting. And it’s very colorful--two walls are this fun deep seafoamish green, and two are almost a bright celadon type blue. I’ll see if I can’t post a few pictures, but I want to get some things on the walls before I get too picture happy. The walls aren’t very agreeable to nail holes or pushpins (I’m pretty sure they’re cement/cinder block) and I’ve heard rumor that there’s so stigma about making holes in the walls—something about “breaking” the paint on the wall (David might be pleased?)—so I need to find some of that poster-putty stuff to hang a few pick me ups around the cuarto. Teachers past must have been into wally knick-knacks as well, because my walls look like they had the chicken pox (blue chicken pocks?) because there are so many wall-putty chewing gum-looking spots spread about. I have a book shelf for notebooks, journals etc and a wider shelved thing that houses my wardrobe. No bathroom shelving, so the bookshelf is a multi-tool of storage, but I think it works.

The bathroom is pink—shower, tiles, even the shower doors! The water is rarely warm, but that just makes you appreciate the warmth even more when it comes around :) It has been an adjustment conditioning myself to put my toilet paper in the trash, but I’m sure a year from now I’ll be forgetting to put it in the toilet in the States!

I love the way the kitchen, dining area and living room are so open into each other. One of us can be dancing around the stove, while someone else sits at the table working on lesson plans and someone reads in the living room--or two around the table, or two in the kitchen area. The point is, we have a house designed for comfortable togetherment or alone time. There is a long table in the dining area with five chairs, we used to have a few more but that story will come later. The living room has a stack of mattresses with a blanket that serves as our couch, but I mostly sit at the table. There’s a window over the kitchen sink, so that makes me happy. The views from the house aren’t anything too spectactular, in fact we’ve each mentioned we’d enjoy more sunshine in the house, but it’s nice to see the orange tree and a glimpse of the roses while I’m washing dishes.

Our porch needs hammocks, and we’re excited to purchase those with our first paycheck! It’s a great porch, and I love to sit out there in the rain. The rain cools the air so much, and the smell it brings with it is incredible. We started a compost pile in the backyard, and I’m hoping to plant some seeds here soon. Would be fun to get to post garden pictures!!!
La Casa Rosada

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