Monday, September 19, 2011

The Bird's Song

About my sixth morning here I scribbled a little note before starting my day…Mon-Wed before school started were pretty stressful, but I made it a point to try and regain focus and remind myself (as often as possible) why I’m here. I decided if I put enough intent behind my actions, I’d find it a little easier to ignore any annoyances. So Tuesday morning…"sleep was gone far too early, so I sat in bed with my journal, some markers and a head full of quotes. De pronto I heard a bird’s song unlike any I’d heard before. It was this sweet, soft sound. I couldn’t find sight of him from my window, so I’m not sure he looked like. I’ve decided he’s a boy bird welcoming me to my day :) Had I been sleeping the sound may have annoyed me, but sitting on my bed, ready for a little inspiration—thanks for having a hard time sleeping! Would have been sad to miss out on appreciating that sweet song."

Since I heard it from my room I am hopeful there will be other chances to hear his song, and maybe even snag a picture—or at least catch a glimpse so I can paint a better picture for my memory bank! 

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