Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Construction Team

I met a very special group of people back in November. For the first time ever (I think!) Friends of Barnabas sent down a construction team. They didn´t bring any medical supplies, and they didn´t travel into any mountain villages. But they did some great repair work, and really bonded with the Honduran staff. And a friendly missionary! I met most of them after translating one night at Don Melvin´s church. It was my second time translating a church service, and it was so great. The pastor´s message was all about the power of positive thinking, and I caught myself nodding along and smiling through most of his preaching. I also discovered that I can translate with much more fluidity when I actually understand the mensaje, so that was encouraging. I ended up getting to spend a few evenings with the team, and translated for them at the Friday service as well. That service was a bit more of a struggle, but everyone was able to receive something and we enjoyed some great fellowship afterwards. The walls of Casa Alfredo are painted with hearty laughter!

The team requested translation assistance in San Pedro that weekend. One of their team members did something to his back one of the first days here (construction team, lots of painting and ladder climbing...) and actually spent his week in the hospital in San Pedro Sula! The whole story got me so sad! He didn´t speak any Spanish, so I can imagine his time at the hospital was a bit trying. In fact, he has a funny story about needing the restroom and some major confusion with the nurse, but I can´t remember all the details. The poor guy´s back was in such bad shape we had to coordinate a special flight straight to the Duke hospital. I felt like it was some of the most intense translating I´ve ever done, but it was neat to get to experience new vocab and different parts of the hospital. And this team had such a cool bond it was special getting to know some of them so well. There were a few Hokies, and we know that´s always fun.

It´s sort of interesting being so backlogged on posts. I feel like I already have such a bond with some of these people, and I barely spent a few evenings with them! That must say a lot about their character. I know I´m looking forward to visiting them when I get home. I think over half of them have told me I have a place to stay, so I may have to spend a few weeks in Danville just to soak up some southern hospitality.

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