Sunday, February 12, 2012

FOBF English Classes Begin!

Last Tuesday kicked off week one of my English classes with the Barnabas Foundation! Kip and Nancy had been talking about how some of the staff seemed interested in learning English, and we all agreed my being here was the perfect opportunity to give it a try. It was pretty fun to have a small class of adults looking at me for a change. We went over different greetings, just getting our feet wet for the first class, but I think it should be a nice way to spend my Tuesday afternoons over the next set of months. We won't hold classes on weeks when mission teams are here, but other than that we have a weekly date! There is a new Honduran director, Nury, who already speaks English so she's going to help follow through with their homework each week. I'm a mean teacher making them practice whatever conversational skills we're working on! Since the class I've run into Delilah and Denilo...both of whom blushed and told me they hadn't studied when I said, "Hi, nice to see you. How are you?"

I think one of my (selfishly) favorite parts of last week's class was the few minutes I hung around after the lesson. To eavesdrop on a meeting between Don Melvin, Denilo and Nury hashing out plans for the...GARDEN they intend to plant at the front of the property. And Nury says I'm welcome to help :) which is even more exciting because Joel, my natural medicine enthusiast, has returned to the States for at least a few months. For now all I can do is admire his produce, but not get any real farming lessons! I'm looking forward to seeing what Melvin and Denilo can teach me. And I think they're looking forward to getting my hands dirty! I'm also interested to see how much I can talk them down from their herbifungipesti binge. And to hammer them with English terms while we work! Have I mentioned how great it is to be living in Honduras? You never know what's around the corner.

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