Sunday, February 12, 2012

Arte Navideño

Not sure if anyone remembers, but forever ago I was gushing about the never ending box of goodness Cristy Rugo sent my way. One of the surprises in the package was a fat stack of foam create-ables. I have no idea what you would actually call them, but I think you get the idea. There were all sorts of shapes and colors, but a special bag was full of Christmas ornaments ready to be adorned! They came with glitter, sequins and even the little gold ribbon to make the loop for tree-hanging. I decided to make Friday before Christmas break's art class a holiday fun-day. And it turned out to be just that :)

Thank you again, Rugos and friends, for the awesome package. My kids went crazy with glitter glue, sequins, markers and creativity. They made some awesome ornaments! Some of them didn't have trees at home, but that just led to a fun conversation imagining all the neat places they could hang their personalized ornaments. I was a little nervous to let them run wild with the glitter glue etc, but a friend counseled me and suggested I "let that one go and just see what happens." Confession: I can be unwantingly (made up words are fun, embrace it) and unknowingly controlling at times, but kids get sticky and glitter is too fun to waste on the floor! But you know what? I am so glad I...what was it...let it go, and saw what happened. They were awesome. Art is with 2A; there is really no telling what would have happened in 2B. But they were careful to put the lid back on each pen, they shared like patient little wonders, they made sure I had each and every glitter stick at the end of class, they wiped their desks with wipees and they even picked sequins up off the floor! I was (I guess not shockingly at this point) a misty-eyed teacher taking in all that was happening. I have some talented kids, and very loving friends. We felt blessed to have such a fun Christmas craft!