Sunday, February 12, 2012

Super Bowl... Dance Recital Sunday

Our sweet Maryann had a dance recital last weekend, and it was a great way to spend Super Bowl Sunday! Well, that depends who you ask. Eulogio didn't seem thrilled to be missing the game to (wait over an hour for the recital to start!) "pay to watch some kids...and Maryann dance around." But most of us enjoyed it!
So again, the show started about an hour late, and his boredom/lack of yearn to be there led to a random photo shoot...his face, his feet, my feet, the girls...

Irene and I were obviously happy to be there! I'm wondering where the picture with Leah is, but that must be on her camera!

Months ago she started taking dance classes at this little studio in town, and they've been planning the recital for a while now. She was in so many numbers! I think she had a couple ballet routines, one or two for tap, a great jazz number, an odd hide kids under your skirt performance that still makes us laugh and a rockin solo. She brought major sass to "Black and Gold" --some of the parents are still talking about it!
Pretty ballerinas :)

This one looked exhausting!

Words wouldn't do this one justice...the kids were ridiculous. 

She was awesomely excited about the awesome card we made for her :)

One of my student's little sisters dances at the same studio. She always gives the best hugs in the mornings, and even had one waiting for me at the recital! She's such a little beauty.

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