Thursday, February 23, 2012

Planes en Los Planes

Ok the title of this post felt too witty to pass up. What a wonderful day I had! Which is wonderful, because I have a pending post from yesterday that starts with roughly the same sentiment. Although I think I described yesterday as lovely, I am enjoying enjoying every day. Que bendición verdad? This post has me realizing some good news and bad news. The good news is my computer is now Honduran so it´s easier to type with the proper accents and tildes. The bad news is my computer got a virus and had to be cleaned, transforming it into a Honduran keyboard making spellcheck function in Spanish and punctuation keys completely changed. I finally figured out how to type a question mark, so that´s positive! 

This morning Marvin Isaac greeted me with his hands behind his back, which surprised me because normally he just runs up with a huge hug. Man I forget exactly how he worded it, but it was too cute. He said something like, "Miss, for what I have in hand?" I said, ¨Hmmm...a popscicle?" He shook his head and revealed a shiny red gift bag! Inside was a stuffed ranita (little froggy) with a complete candy bars and oreo cakesters. I´m wondering what the cakester is all about; I was always partial to the double-stuff. Mmm and the mint cream. Maybe I´ve missed Oreos more than I realized. So how cute is that? My kids are too cute. I feel like something else win-worthy happened at school today. Emiliany came with correctly completed math homework! Charades were a roaring-success for verb introduction in 2A! Aww and the fourth graders were adorable. I was vigilando during their English class so their teacher could run to the highschool, and they were working on sentences with I vs me. Before they could leave for recess they had to tell me a proper I or me sentence, and a couple of them said "I love Miss Harris." Blatant brown-nosing by some, and lazy copying from others, but I´ll take what I can get duh!

After school I headed to Los Planes to meet with the director of their school. Pastor Alfonso and I are sponsoring a little boy´s education, and we needed to hammer out a few details. It was such a blessing of a visit! First of all, it is so pretty up there. The sky is crazy beautiful at night. Covered in stars with a shadowy mountain backdrop. The moon looked cool tonight too. It sat on an angle, and was just this little sliver of a thing but you could still see the outline of the full circle so it looked like it hung from a nail up there. I keep seeing scenes that make me wish I could paint, so maybe that´s a sign I need to start trying to be a better painter. The director, Profe Mauro, seems to be a man with great vision and determination. Hearing him talk about the projects he has in the works, and dreams he has for the school and education in his town left me brainstorming how I could help. He has a dream of erecting a community center of sorts where they can hold after school programs, tutoring and help with homework. His description reminded me a lot of something I´ve detailed in journal entries, so maybe that´s why I found it so touching. We were talking about students who struggled in different subjects, and what a shame it is that they don´t have much access to specialists or testing to understand and execute the most effective method of mejorando sus estudios.

I´m putting this out there so I have to hold myself to it: one day I will play part in an educational facility that inspires learning, not just in the classroom but in life experiences as well. A place children can come to create and develop spiritually, mentally, creatively. And all with wreckless abandon. It would be awesome to bring this dream to life as part of the organic farm I´ll own one day. Maybe David´s right and my kids will be total hippies...but they´ll be happy, educated hippies.

It was a really great day. Because, once again, I was determined to make it one. That determination has turned the last few days into great ones. And tomorrow´s Friday! The weeks are flying by, and reasons to smile are growing in abundance. 

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  1. Most excellent goals, Courtney. Good idea to "speak" them because it really does help them remain a focus and become realities. Good for you!
    Love, AC