Thursday, March 1, 2012

Answered Prayers

We have a new teacher, Karen, from Clemson, SC. She has great energy, more than twenty years teaching experience and an adorable accent. She is absolutely prayers answered. With our students learning English as their second language, they understandably struggle with reading and phonics. Would you believe those happen to be Karen's specialty? I guess she's just good like that! She arrived Monday afternoon, and we've all been curious how they'd work her schedule at school. Looks like she'll be covering a lot of my phonics and reading classes, which opens up some free periods for me. I almost can't wrap my head around having this many breaks during the week. The opneing in my schedule makes me free to help with other classes, and I'll now be teaching 7th grade Lit! Crazy right?! I thought so too, but I'm pretty excited. I remember learning all about hyperbole, onomatopoeia, alliteration and all that fun stuff in seventh grade. I haven't gotten to see their book yet; it will be fun to chcek it out tomorrow and start getting down with some Literature. I also remember not applying myself as much as I should have in seventh grade. I suppose maybe this is my second chance.

Can you believe it's March 1st? Anyone else having a hard time with that one? I know I still have a while before I'm due to come home, but time is absolutely flying. And we even got an extra day this year! My mission team gets here SO soon, then Mom will be here (yay! And I see she and Karen really hitting it off) the fourth quarter of school will be well underway and I'll be home before I know it...phew that's a little dizzying to think about. We'll leave it there for now.

I can't figure out how to add bullets, but there's no 'big' story from today so I had my heart set on listing...

-I don't find meals nearly as satisfying when they don't include about half an avocado. This could prove troublesome (for my unemployed wallet) when I get back to the States.

-Pinterest seems to be awesome...and has the potential to be awesomely distracting. Should be fun!

-I'm turning into that woman...the one who doesn't hesitate to lick her thumb and wipe something from a child's face. The other day it was pen from a little girl's chin. Today I'm wiping something from Daniela's cheek and she smiles, telling me not to worry, the junk is a result of her conjuctivitus. I just stared at her for a beat, eyes dancing between my confuncted thumb and her chariming smile. Let's hope I let that one be a lesson learned.

-I'm getting baptized in the river this Sunday.

-We visited a man from church's father, Roger, tonight. He's been battling some tumor issues for the last decade, but really taken a bad turn as of late. We chatted for a good long time; it was a great evening. Toward the end he started asking more questions about me, and it turns out his brother lives in Manassas, VA just about 20min from where I live in the States! Roger asked if I studied theology which makes me smile.

-Pastor Alfonso's bakery now sells galletas integrales (wholeweat cookies), which is of course exciting. Claro que their semitas are still delicious...claro. Especially toasted like little biscotti points.

- Irene's best friend is getting married soon, and today we recorded a maid of honor toast they hope to play at the reception. It really isn't easy missing things like that (sorry again Lori!) but we're so thankful for technology. It's fun to film a little video we felt like we were making some sort of documentary.

-Life has changed when the end of your workday rolls around and you find yourself craving a watermelon. Well, half a watermelon complete with a spoon and a nice breeze. Mmm. And laughing through conversation with good friends.

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