Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dirigiendo para la Primera Vez

I guess this calls for another confession, but my Friday night plans have seriously changed over the last five months. Just after the new year Elvia (my Honduran mami) started a weekly celula meeting at her house. She and her daughters, Gisselle and Sara, have taken me in as one of their own. So la celula is like a small group meeting where people get together at someone's house, and worship together on a more intimate level than you can achieve at church. We have a nice group that gets together every week, and Elvia says it's a good way to "practice" expressing yourself in a smaller group so you can build up enough courage to do it in front of the church. Irene's been coming with me, and so far it's been a nice way to spend my Friday evening.

Over the last few weeks Elvia has been encouraging us to share a song or la palabra, so we said we would for tonight. We spent some time talking about it the two of us, and decided that this week I'd talk about the meaning of a song I really enjoy, and then sing it together and Irene could preach. Then next week we'll switch and just support each other the best we can! We were the first to arrive at Elvia's, and when I told her Irene was preaching she said, "Bueno, entonces usted va a dirigir." Which meant that I would be the one leading! My initial thought was, "Yikes!" but then I was excited to give it a try. Earlier this week I came across 1 Timothy 4 and the whole chapter is pretty great, but I really like 12 and 14-16. It helps me have the courage to accept that I'm "young" with Christ but that it shouldn't deter me from living life in a godly way and speaking my opinion or beliefs when the opportunity presents itself.

I lead us in prayer to start the meeting, and my voice still gets shaky in the beginning but I'm starting to develop more confidence praying aloud in group settings so that's positive. Then I referenced a couple verses and what they meant to me over the last week, and we sang Dame de Beber all together. The lyrics to that song are few, but I find them powerful and was pleased no one seemed to mind when I asked if we could sing it. It talks about drinking from His manantial, and I recommend researching what that is and letting the imagery flow. Irene shared a wonderful message from San Mateo 5: 25-24 and Salmo 143:8 and we all appreciated el consejo about the importance of not worrying our way through life. Our days here (on earth, not just in Honduras :) are meant to be enjoyed! We ended up with a very small group tonight, but that was better for Irene and I to get our feet wet so the nerves are calmer next time. With it just being a few of us there was more time for everyone to share, and it was nice to sit in the circle and go around talking about different scripture that had touched us during the week. Joel,  Gisselle and Sara's little brother and our youngest member (10 or 11 I think) read from chapter 3 of Proverbs and he spoke profoundly for his age. Elvia talked about Isaias 43: 18-19 and how struggles from our past are thrown en los profundos del mar, and we should leave them there. We all appreciated the reminder that "Otra vez abrire camino en el desierto, y rios en la soledad." Joel also closed us in prayer, and I'm still in awe of how well spoken he is for a boy so young.

I'm so grateful for the opportunities since I've been here to really push my boundaries. It can be so refining to push the edges of your comfort zone, and that's sort of part of our calling right? To refine ourselves more and more every day?

Not that I have already obtained this or am already perfect, but I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me his own.
Philipians 3:12