Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Honduran Thanksgiving

It likely goes without saying Thanksgiving isn't a holiday here in Honduras, but I knew that going into the trip. I wasn't prepared for just how much I'd miss my family over my favorite holiday, but we all got through it just fine! Because we're good like that :) On Thanksgiving day I got to enjoy the blessings of technology and have some video chat with family. Just like every year, they were together for our fun Harris Family Reunion, and it was neat to get to experience part of it with them. Even if it was just my face on a screen for a little bit! Now, I don't want to be misleading: I most certainly did not spend Thanksgiving uncelebrated! Would you believe I went to three Thanksgiving dinners? Each were completely different but of course wonderful.

The school had a Thanksgiving dinner for the staff down at Las Glorias. It was nice to spend some extra time with coworkers, but the numbers were few and I have to admit it was the least festive of my Thanksgiving celebrations. Mmm but the post-meal coffee was bien rico. Lisa and Gordon had a big dinner at their house, which was a nice time. They had a table cloth hung on the wall for everyone to sign so that was pretty neat. Some of the guys got super artsy drawing big flowers and elaborate initials. I can't remember exactly what I wrote, but I think it was a spanglish message of gratitude for the lives of so many people I can consider family while I'm so far away from my own. Their dinner was a potluck of sorts, and the spread was great. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, a couple kinds of gravy (and red chile thanks to our New Mexican contingent) a couple trays of veggies (thanks to the gringas :) some banging rice Emely prepared, I'm sure other savory things I can't remember, and a table full of pumpkin and pecan pies. I'm not sure any pecan pie compares to Aunt Jane's, and Katie's for that matter, but the piece (hunkin chunk) I had was pretty t a s t y. Of course a couple days later I found myself listening to a doctor's radio chat that got into the effects of holiday indulgences like pumpkin and pecan pie. Darn you!
they had these adorable turkey headbands they'd made in that week's English class, so of course we wanted to try them on!
Javier and Kerem's departure fell the week of Thanksgiving, so that Monday they had a huge dinner at their house. Javier's mom was in town and darn if she didn't cook alll day. They also had quite the spread, and a dessert table that left everyone smiling. Javier's mom put together a couple types of flan, and those went quick. I think I saw Javi shed a small tear when he was made aware we'd run out. They put the furniture outside, and lined their cozy living room with chairs so everyone had a place to sit, and suprisingly comfortably! I'd never thought of lining the perimeter of the room with chairs and having everyone hold their plates as they ate, but I have to say it worked just fine. Bring on the dinner parties that at first thought seem to big to host in your tiny apartment! Scoot the table out of sight, line your walls with chairs and you've got yourself the perfect setting for endless chatter and laughter. So many people from church were there, and we spent a good while passing the guitar and singing out on the porch. It was a great night, and one that I'm truly thankful for because it allowed us to have so many laughy memories with Javier and Kerem before they left. I love the Thanksgiving tradition of going around and saying what you're thankful for, but grateful lists are harder to talk about when your list is ever-growing.
Allan had a "diva" moment earlier that week, and we all enjoyed  showing him how ridiculous he  looked/sounded!
Hahaha. The faces in this one kill me. Obviously things got funny, but also apparently only to me?
Like brother and sisters

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