Thursday, May 31, 2012

Team 3 2012...the arrival!

I got to enjoy a mission trip down here! Team 3 of the Friends of Barnabas Foundation came down in March, and I had the privilege of translating for the second year now. This team holds a special place in my heart, seeing how Team 3 2011 introduced me to Honduras and the town I now call home. This year's group had some new faces and some familiar faces, but we all got along like old friends. I've been to the Barnabas house plenty of times since I've been down here, and always have a good time visiting the teams. But there was something so surreal about walking into the house and seeing so many familiar smiles. And not just popping in for dinner, or to do a little translating, but claiming a bed, unpacking a suitcase and calling it home for a week! It was such a special week, shared with very special people, and I hope I do some of our moments justice with the string of stories I've put together.
the trail to the lake from Kid's Ark

Elmer found a cozy spot by the lake--it was a long, warm hike!

napoleones...God's gift to purple

the chicas checking out the backyard at the lake house

Love this photo! Part of the team hung around Kid's Ark and didn't make it down to the lake,  but here is a partial group photo. From left: Elmer, me, Dani, Robin, Cami, Will, Sara, Kevin, Pete, Bruce and sweet Janet down in front. 
We had our usual inventory fun on Sunday morning, and then everyone let me take them on a hike down to the lake. While walking through Kid's Ark (Arca de Cristo) we had the chance to meet Randy, the owner from the States, and it was great to chat with him. We hiked around the property, down around the lake, then back to Kid's Ark to enjoy a little fruit and juice picnic Nury was thoughtful enough to put together. It was neat playing a bit of a tour guide for the afternoon!

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