Monday, May 14, 2012

Día de Amistad

I'm so glad I made a few notes on Valentine's Day, knowing that I wouldn't have time to write a post immediately. Didn't think it would take this long, but here we are! So here Valentine's Day is a celebration of friendship, and that is a tradition I am very much looking forward to bringing home. My mom is incredibly thoughtful and sent us gobs of ridiculously cute valentines to pass out at school. We had fun handing them out to all of our students, and it was nice to give them to the other teachers. The kids went crazy for theirs! The girls had little princesses and cupcakes with adorable smiles. And the boys had funny faces that were so fun to imitate. I love that working with kids let's you basically be a big kid! Well, plus all that responsibility stuff, but it can still be very fun. Some of the kids brought random gifts, but nothing too surprising. That afternoon I had my English class at the Barnabas House, and they surprised me with cake and coffee to celebrate friendship. It was lovely! And we talked about family vocabulary which fit in quite perfectly.
Fresh-picked flowers from our yard! Put together beautifully by Irene. And yes...there was a cake. And it was in fact delicious.
After school and lessons we got together for a girly dinner at Zenaida's and made tortizzas (pizzas with a flour tortilla crust--as a complete aside, when I get back to the States I plan to make these on brown rice tortillas with raw cheese and call them yum!) with lots of veggies and cheese. For those who enjoy salami, I made heart cut-outs in the little meat rounds that were just too cute. They made the pizzas all the more adorable! If memory serves, Z had one of her banging chocolate cakes ready for dessert. I didn't jot that down, which likely means I enjoyed two slices.

The next day at school the kids totally surprised me! Quite a few brought in baggies of candy for me, and other little knick knack type gifts. They just make me feel so loved! Beky gave me her special Little Mermaid rubbery...square thing for lack of a more intelligent description. Libni in 2B really touched my heart. Of course I love the bracelets and stickers she gave me, but her note was so dear. I really do my best to give them smiles almost all day long, and it was nice to get some positive reinforcement on that!

So it is way after February 14th, but hug a friend today. And tomorrow. And always share a smile.

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