Thursday, May 31, 2012

La Masica

Our first village was a town called La Masica. Everyone had a great Monday, and first day of clinic. I translated for Janet this year which was a real treat. I definitely missed Jed, but getting to work side by side with such a dear friend was something special. We did our best to treat each family like the only group we needed to see that day, listen to their stories and really get a feel for what they needed. 
How could you have anything but a great day when you get to help treat a beautiful family like this?? Look at all those smiles! And the fun pigtail braids :)

she was such a giggler!

I just wanted to hear her stories...

Sometimes people just need someone to listen, which is where my sensitivity shows itself to be a blessing. 
Monday evening we had our staff dinner and really enjoyed a night outside with the Honduran crew sharing our table.

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