Thursday, May 31, 2012

Las Nieves

Wednesday's village was filled with tender faces. The community leader gave me such a warm hug when we arrived. She remembered me from the church, and it was great getting to spend more time with her. We also learned she is quite the baker, as she passed around some homemade cookies and cakes to go along with our afternoon coffee. At the end of the day Janet and I went for a little walk to visit a few of the houses. There was a sweet little girl who sort of glued herself to my side for the afternoon, and I think she wanted to show us where she lived. It is so fun looking back on this trip. All the smiles, tears and stories we shared. I love what I do. I just love it.

 Tonia's braids just looked like they wanted to enjoy some fresh flowers :)

Tuesday night manicures, extra shiny thanks to Papa Joe's sweet glitter polish stash!

The community leader's home she graciously opened for restroom access.

Melvin (black tshirt and sunglasses) and Pete (red tshirt and hat) LOVE to sing, and have lovely voices. Melvin and I taught the team a song that is well known around here--it was fun to get each day started clapping and singing.
"Yooo tengo un amigo que me ama, me ama, me ama..."

those eyes!

Love Janet's expression in this one.

and love Remmie's relaxed smile in this one!

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