Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Community Leaders

In early March an education team came down for Friends of Barnabas, and it included Janet and Nancy so I was very excited! The Foundation will work with twenty-five different villages this year, and each village appoints its own community health leader. Those leaders get together for a few days of training the education team holds at the Barnabas house. Due to limited sleeping space, the women stayed on site and Nury coordinated with Pastor Alfonso for the men to sleep at the church. Pastor Alfonso was away that week, and I was so happy when he trusted me to handle things in his absence. FOBF delivered mattresses, sheets etc, and Pastor provided some blankets for the men. I didn't get the chance to spend any time at the training sessions, but from what I heard from Janet it was quite the week! The team and community leaders came to church for Thursday's prayer service. I translated for Marvin Paz, who gave a lovely sermon about the importance of specific, detailed prayer. March was a special month. I got to help with the arrangements for these community leaders, and I got lots of time with some people I love dearly. I will get into much greater detail down the road, but not long after the education team's departure I was travelling for a week with Team 3 in the mountains around my new home town!

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