Thursday, May 31, 2012

Las Quebraditas

Friday's village--always a mixed feeling kind of day. You almost can't believe your week is almost over, and you want to pour all you have into this last day of clinic. Friday villages are normally smaller so that we can get home and have inventory started at a decent hour. It was definitely a small village, but of course full of interesting people. Janet and I saw a woman well into her eighties, wearing this beautiful blue dress and a smell that could dry tears. She was full of so much joy; such a great way to start clinic for the day! We normally tried to pray for patients before they left our clinic, but we asked this woman to pray for us. She was bursting with hope, love and happiness, and we wanted her to share some of that with us, so we could share it with the rest of the families that visited us throughout the day. Thinking about the hug she gave me as she left gets my eyes a little tingled. I remember later in the day a little girl looked at me and said, "Hey, you, give me a hairband" pointing to our little pile of ponytail holders. I smiled and said, "Hey, you, be nice and answer some questions!" Janet gets a kick out of this story because I tell it like she offended me with her "hey you!" ... but not much later she was on my lap and I was braiding her hair. I must really be a softy :)
This little thing was just too much.

Sara fell in love :)

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