Thursday, May 31, 2012

Santa Fe de Abajo

Thursday we were all geared up and excited to hold clinic at a new village for the Barnabas Foundation. It was a long, wonderful day. Janet and I were busy all day, and we saw some incredible families. I loved how we worked together, and we enjoyed a special treat that day because MacK had time to join us for a while. Unfortunately, we were too busy to get many pictures, but the kids were cute and the people were many.

I know I've mentioned this before, but a lot of times the people we see come needing more of an ear than a prescription. I remember a lovely woman came through our station and ended up sharing a good bit of her story. Melvin and their community leader (I should really know them by name, and I am a little ashamed that I don't! ... Fausto...quizas/maybe) came over to chat with her for a while. I was fascinated listening to Melvin giving pastoral advice and then helping him pray with her. I am not sure I had ever seen Melvin in that capacity, and I was impressed by his harsh but sound advice, delivered with the perfect amount of cariño. I have a hard time describing what it is like, having no medical training, to be able to play a role in healing someone.

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