Monday, March 5, 2012

A drop in numbers...

Frowntown! A few weeks ago I found out one of my students, Eric from 2B, was being pulled out because he was moving to live with his dad in the States. At first I was so bummed because I didn´t really get to say goodbye, and he looked so sad on the day he left. I started going on about how his english was really lacking, but he was finally starting to participate in class and getting so many more high-fives throughout the day. Irene (we´ve sort of become each other´s fountains of positivity) reminded me that his breakthrough in reading-phonics abilities and English comprehension just meant that he was ready to be fully immersed and let his education flourish. So it might have been a loss for 2B, but we´re praying for a big win for Eric and family. The following day we added a new student to that class, sweet Nahomy, and she´s been a fun new addition.

Then today I found out that 2A has also suffered a loss. I´m getting sad just typing about it! My sweet Alan David´s parents decided to pull their kids from the school. Alan´s older sister was in our fourth grade, and a total beauty. His baby brother was in prepa and his smiley waves could make your knees melt. Alan wasn´t an A student...he actually wasn´t a B or C student, but we all loved him! If you have been reading since the beginning, you´ll recognize this name as the little boy who climb on me in the pool at our Day of the Child celebration. I am so bummed I won´t get to see him in class anymore!

In lighter news, we went for a great walk around town today. I got to hold Yemi´s baby Aran for a good while, and he was sweet enough to curl up for a nap against my chest while I chatted with mama and helped a nice gentleman pick out scarves for his wife and daughter. In case I haven´t mentioned her before, Yemi is our neighbor and her family owns the souvenir shop in town. The whole family is incredibly nice. We introduced Karen to a few different people around town, and I walked her down to Angela´s for some fresh bread. She had a great tomato, cheese and cucumber sandwich for dinner. It looked delicious, and she seemed quite satisfied. They make the tastiest bread.

Tomorrow´s my first day with 7th grade Lit--exciting right?! Time to rest up so I can tackle an action-packed Tuesday. Sad for the drop in smiling faces, but thankful for the bright futures I know they all still hold.

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