Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Memories

Sometimes these days come along that beg you to relish in the happy, exciting moments. Irene and I are sitting around sharing all sorts of fun stories with each other. We´ve decided to start a writing group, which is basically a book club but for writers. Janet Arnold gave us the idea over the weekend, and we´re excited to get it started. We were looking up sample topics today and have been memory swapping ever since. I spent all of last week with Team 3 from the Friends of Barnabas Foundation, so it has been nice to catch up and enjoy some quiet time at the house. (Stories of the wonderful adventure with Team 3 to come of course)

Little things from today that could bring out a smile in just about anyone. Or at least a proud teacher with a soft heart:
  • The kids missed me last week, but Lissie´s most exciting memory of me being gone was having an entire week with no homework.
  • Marvin Isaac gave me a running hug and shouted in English, ¨Miss Harris, I missed you!¨ Tender little moment. Even Isis came up for a hug before school started, and she´s normally not a hugger.
  • Eric and I had a nice discussion about the importance of saying please, and he was the one lecturing me about it! Adorable. 
  • Rigo fresh-sliced us some melon at this morning´s snack, and the coffee was richly delicious.
  • I talked about Lamentations 3:22-23 in both classes. Each discussion went differently, but both had their special moments. These kids are getting so much stronger with their English, and it´s always touching to hear them talk about and express their beliefs. 
  • They had some time to draw today, and I had 2A draw their dream job and write a sentence about it. Some of them surprised me with how much they resisted the assignment, but other surprised me with their details.
    •  Lissie insisted she wanted no job when she grew up, and Eric is deadset on making it through the year without telling me his future plans.
    • Indira wants to be a vet so that she can learn more about cats and dogs.
    • Isis is going to have a baby and a beauty salon. The way she wrote her sentence it appeared she wanted to have a baby in a beauty salon, but I think I get what she meant.
  • A lot of the journal prompts Irene has found are great questions to ponder, so we´ve had a great time reflecting on our past or getting creative with strengths and weaknesses. No tv can be so fun.
    • What are seven remarkable things that have happened in your life?
    • Five things you´ll remember in your old age?
    • I used to think...
    • When it comes to _____________ I am ______________. 
    • Who is someone you mold your life after?
  • Throwing together sauteed veggies with some brown rice penne, all while singing along to Florence wearing a floral apron. Thankful for the blessing of visitors from the States who bring gifts like brown rice pasta and raw almonds. 
  • Putting away your computer, and other distractions, to settle into a bowl of yum and continue sharing memories.

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