Thursday, March 29, 2012

Baa Baa Sad Sheep

There is an ever-growing list of reasons to say, "Only in Honduras." That's of course true of anywhere you go, and I mean that as no slight on my lovely home. There are just certain things you can do or experience here that would be different anywhere else. Like the day Maryann and I were walking into market and Eulogio gave her a ring. I could only hear Maryann's side of the conversation, but she sounded so excited...and a little confused at the same time.  "WHAT? Can we really?!" "You think I could poke it?" "Wait, you're doing what?" "Eeeeiii (loud noises only Maryann can make) yeah yeah let me talk to her." What the heck... So it turns out Loq was calling to invite us to a little town up a mountain where he and Leah were going to buy a lamb for Christmas dinner. Typing that makes me smile remembering the silliness of it all. "They´re buying what?!"

It depends on who you know, but if you know the right people you can buy a lamb, freshly skinned, for roughly $25 USD. I find that insane. Someone in Emely´s family (uncle maybe?) offered them a great deal and they went for it! One of them, I want to say it was Eulogio, was really craving lamb around the holidays. The guy gave us a big wheel of brown sugar to nibble on while we chatted. I ended up just awkwardly holding it the whole time because I wasn´t sure what to do with it. I learned once we got home, starving, that you should cut off pieces and eat it... so Maryann was all excited to poke a lamb. I still can´t figure out if she was more excited to poke the pieces of meat, or the sheep that were still wandering around. She likes to poke things. We were all standing around in the kitchen when someone quietly pointed out that the lamb´s head was in the sink. I´m told they like to use it in soups... My personal highlight from the afternoon was getting to hold a sweet little baby for a few minutes. It was cute, in a disturbing kind of way, when later that night I got all smiley saying I loved that I got to hold a baby, and Maryann was equally as smiley talking about poking sheep. She´d make an interesting shepherd.

Eulogio and Leah when to town with their lamb preparation. Oil and herbs and garlic galore. It was a huge hit! It smelled fantastic, but I didn´t try any. I still can´t get over the price! Only in Honduras...

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