Monday, March 26, 2012


Father´s Day here falls March 19th, so happy belated special day to all the dads out there. Irene and I have discovered Stumble Upon and Pinterest, which is entertaining and full of all sorts of wonderful things, but not always awesome for productivity levels. We found an idea for these adorable birds to make for Dad that turned out even better than we´d expected.
Irene came to check out the process before she tackled it with her 3rd graders :)
Announcing to the class that they´d have to take off a shoe and sock left them in this hysterical craze of shouted ¨Noooooo!¨s and embarrassed little giggles. Reluctantly, they got into line and awkwardly hopped outside. We didn´t make too big a mess of it, but everyone seemed to enjoy the moment when I dripped paint onto the bottom of their foot and spread it across their skin with my hand. They got into groups by color, so I didn´t have to rinse my hand too many times. They were so funny stamping their foot down on the paper. I really loved watching them rinse off at the little pila in the schoolyard. If only I had pictures of that! Marvin Isaac helped write names on the pictures, and a couple of the kids helped get rocks to make sure the class´ feet didn´t blow away. They seemed very eager to see my foot all paint-covered, so I smeared blue across my sole. We were really pushing it on time, so I slid my blue foot into my sandal and we scurried inside to adorn our little (except for the one size nine ;) birdies.
Happy Father´s Day Daddy!
The kids got so creative! It was such a joy to watch them take their stamped foot and turn it into a real work of art. Some painted tufts of feathers to bring out a tropical look in their birds. Some got dot happy and added all kinds of spots to their paper. When they ran outside for PE (thanks for your help on that one Mr. Victor!) I had a great time checking out their creations, and bragging to other faculty about their budding creativity while I got them grouped together in a safe place to dry. I remember the weather being almost perfect that day. Bright blue sky, big white clouds, happy little sun with a nice cool breeze. As I traveled between my classroom and the room with the table turned art drying rack, I couldn´t help but stop to enjoy the breeze a few times. All while shamelessly singing a few different songs. It was a great project, and I am looking forward to coming up with something fun for Mother´s Day. It is so fun to be a kid with my kids!

Pretty much sums her up ;)

Ofsny was loving being the class photographer. He comes out of his shell more and more every day!

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