Monday, April 2, 2012

Víspera de Navidad

I'm so grateful for the opportunity to experience Christmas here in Honduras. It of course came with it's hard moments, but it was a beautiful weekend. A lot of people here call the 24th Christmas, so that had me a little confused when it came time to talk about plans. My family used to have some Christmas Eve traditions, but those tapered out over the last however many years so I was excited to experience things Honduran-style and hopefully adopt some new family traditions.
Merry Christmas Eve!

We had a tree and ornament making party one night. It was lots of fun,  and we ended up with all sorts of  cute ornaments. The tree may or may not still be hanging on the wall at La Casa Rosada...
So on Christmas Eve Maryann and I chatted around the house for a while, and made a few crazy Christmas cards. That girl loves glitter, and cequins. And googly eyes! Eulogio and Leah were having a group over for a big meal, so we headed there a little earlier to help with any last minute prep. Somewhere there are pictures, but I made my first pie crust! Ok I didn´t make it. Leah gets all the credit for that. But I did roll it out! And press it into the pans all pretty. The top ended up burning, but it was pretty pre-oven! Maria was busy with tamales, carefully fully and wrapping the corn husks. Honduran-style tamales are wrapped and steamed in banana leaves, but the New Mexican contingent couldn´t make tamales without a few their style! Eulogio went to town with a couple hunks of lamb that everyone seemed to enjoy. I loved the biscochitos (the bane of my waistline!!! I got hooked) which are common around Christmas time in New Mexico. I guess Christmas Eve (at least the early evening chunk) was more of a New Mexican celebration.

From their house I headed to church and we had a great service. They put together a choir for Christmas time, and I loved hearing them sing familiar carols and hymns with Spanish lyrics. How Great Thou Art (Cuan Grande es El) is really pretty in Spanish. After church I went to Elvia´s house for their annual youth get together! Sarahy and Gisselle were gracious hosts helping to make sure I didn´t feel uncomfortable. We stayed up so late talking and playing different games. A few of the kids were complaining that it was boring, but we kept trying different games. We ate a ton of food, which seems to be a big part of celebrating here. Keep in mind we were there after church, which means well after dinner time, and we ate full plates! And topped it all off with cake. Mmmm a really tasty tres leches cake. I was a happy girl.

They shot off all sorts of fire crackers (more noise than show) at midnight, and then we played a few more games. By the time I got home it was incredibly late, but I had a wonderful Honduran Christmas Eve. It´s so funny to be reflecting back in Christmas Eve, but I guess Spring Break provided the perfect time to write about my winter activities!