Monday, April 16, 2012

Getting back to normal(ish)

It is hard to believe Mom´s visit came and went so quickly. Where does the time go? For so long I used her trip as a little marker...things would get tough and I´d think, "Hey, just get to Mom´s trip. Recharge for a week, and afterwards you´re almost home." But now she´s gone, and I´m sort of in that oh my is crazy to think I´m almost home! Crazy exciting, but also crazy emotions need for that right now! We all enjoyed a wonderful week with my mom, and count on posts to come gushing about all the fun we had in Copán and around my sweet Peña. She fell so in love with my hammock I´m surprised she didn´t try to bury it inside her carry-on! I wonder how much she missed front porch nap time after school today...

The kids did a wonderful job helping fill the void of my mama not being with us at school today. They were too cute asking all about her, and mimicking all the fun things she showed them while she was there. A few of them got to halo shining, and then Marvin quickly started showing off with his silent round of applause. They are seriously too stinking cute! It would have been easy to get a little mopey about my mom already being gone, but thankfully this town gives great hugs. Sometimes just when you need them! A few of the kids had some adorable moments today, but I´m wondering if typing will do them justice. I started to feel pretty rough this morning, and it was aching down in my ears to talk too loudly. Of course this set in while I was teaching in 2B, and quietness is not their strength! I sneakily took them to the library for a little bit, which they loved, and Miss Harris appreciated the forced quiet time. After school I really just wanted to take a nap, but I did my market thing and almost instantly perked up. Always enjoy chatting with my favorite vendors! It has been incredibly warm lately, and my shoulders have been taking a beating so I decided today was the day to pick up an umbrella. I popped into Elvia´s and was excited Joel was there to help me choose the best pattern. 

Luck would have it my buddy was on his way home, and Joel accompanied me part of the way back to the house. We stopped at Chevo´s for a bag of mango for each of us and had fun letting him practice his English talking about our favorite things (he loves animals)! Not long after I got home the girls and I headed to Zenaida´s for afternoon coffee and homemade treats. She had chickory coffee from New Orleans and made fresh beignets that were so tasty. We played a couple rounds of Banagrams which was totally fun. Now I´m just finishing up a delicious bowl of steamed veggies and quinoa waiting for some chick peas to finish toasting in the oven. Hope everyone has at least a few reasons to smile tonight! I´m having a good time finding the joy in getting things back to normal and feeling incredibly grateful for a life of so many blessings.

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