Sunday, April 22, 2012

A hike to Butt Mountain

There is a mountain here that peaks with two tall bumps, and people think it kind of looks like a bottom! So we´ve heard it called Butt Mountain from time to time, and I´m honestly not sure what the technical name for it is. Do mountains have technical names? Proper name. I´m not sure of its proper name. Maryann, Eulogio, Leah and I went for a Butt Mountain adventure one afternoon! It was lots of fun, and there were some great views. We climbed up and down one cheek, took a break down by the lake and were back on our way home.

We drenched ourselves in peppermint oil and reapplied in an effort to keep the bugs away. Jungle hiking is a different beast. Eulogio had his machete just in case you know, and used it quite a bit to hack down more of a pathway. They had recently harvested some bananas, and it looked like the scene of some monster thriller. Banana leaves and parts of their plant scattered across the ground. Actually all sorts of crazy vegetation grows in the mountains here. Furry plants and spiky plants and big green leaves with brightly colored adornments. I remember Maryann being nervous about the bot fly, and furry poisonous plants. Luckily we made it out of there harmed by neither.

I used a walking stick for most of the hike, and it was a little heavy but a good crutch at a few different parts of the trail. Oh the trail. For part of the hike we followed what likely used to be a trail, but it would have been so easy to get lost up there. I was happy Eulogio and Leah were there to guide us! Eulogio led most of the hike, but once we´d reached the lake and were heading back up we got a little turned around. Leah was determined, and wandered off to find the right path home. All of a sudden we heard a, ¨Yes! It´s up here!¨ Score Leah! On the way back we hopped off the bus in market to pick up all sorts of yummy food. Marvin could tell we´d been on a hike and gave us each a banana. Love that guy. We got back to the commune (aka Eulogio and Leah´s house...) ready to eat and relax! It was a very fun afternoon, that led into a nice evening with friends. Man I miss those guys!!!