Monday, April 2, 2012

Around the World

My kids´ favorite game!!! I wonder how much it would have changed my stress level if I´d discovered this sooner. The kids got heavy into addition and subtraction, so before one of their tests I decided to take a stab at Around the World. I had no flash cards, but figured it couldn´t be TOO hard to make them. They weren´t adding too big of numbers, so I didn´t expect it to take much time to create the set of cards. WRONG. But  totally worth staying up late to make.

They went crazy for Around the World! Both classes were surprisingly engaged, and that left teacher very happy. It was too cute watching their faces get all antsy and excited waiting for me to flip the next card. A few of the show-offs missed some easy addition, and that got the class rolling. As I´m writing this I´m enjoying the first day of Spring Break, and thinking about their giggles has me already looking forward to next week. Some of the kids got SO worked up about getting the right answer. I wish there was a way to keep their attention on the assignment and somehow still snap pictures of their excited little faces, but they of course lose all concentration when the camera comes out. The biggest thing that sticks out was poor little Eduardo. He is such a smarty, but I think the excitement got the best of him. I held up a card that said something like... 13-9 I want to say. Eduardo SHOUTS out, "Eleven!!!" I just made a confused look and read to him what it said on the card. He blushed and made a thinking face for a few seconds before shouting out his four. These kids give me too many reasons to smile. They spoil me!
Total cheater picture because this isn´t from anything close to flash card fun, but this is sweet Eduardo. Love that crazy kid!