Thursday, October 20, 2011

Supplies and Memories

Come to find out there is a sort of "teacher store" in town, and the prices are just right! It's more of a school supply and a few random craft supplies store, but it seems to have enough to keep me satisfied. The owner is lots of friendly, and it's crazy close to la casa. We're starting new units in most of the classes, so I'm looking forward to getting creative and making some decorations that will hopefully stick to the walls. The issue at the beginning of the year was that nothing was sticking, and I wasn't all that "whelmed" by any of the poster options. I'm thinking with the right type of tape, some markers, poster board and glitter I'll be good to go! We're starting weather in Science, so bring on the clouds, lightning bolts and sunshine. I might even get all kinds of crazy and make images of different vowel sounds, I just wonder if I can get more exciting than the standard apple, egg, cow, pig and umbrella...of course I can :) This lady has poster board for 4lps a sheet which is less than I thought it would be, and she showed off her Disney princess folders in case I find myself in need. I think I'll spend some time this getting crafty this weekend. She also carries embroidery floss for something like 2lps a cluster, so we might have to get into some friendship bracelets one day soon. Hmm--something fun for a rainy day art class?

The store made me think of journaling because I've always had this sort of thing for teacher stores, school supply aisles and stationery stores. I feel all kinds of 'You've Got Mail'-ish but I love the smell of the pencils, all the bright colors and designs of the paper, notebooks etc and how inspiring the glitter and nicknacks can be. I remember I used to get so excited when Mom would take me to the teacher store with her, and if I'd been really good or something sometimes that was my reward, and I got to pick out a pack of stickers...ahh the little things :) A grocery store where we often shopped shared a parking lot with an ABC Store, and before I knew any better I always just assumed an ABC Store was a teacher store. I think I mortified Mom the first time I excitedly asked if I was reallllly good at the grocery store if she'd please take me to the ABC Store! It's funny the little memories that come to you at the oddest times, but seemingly right when you'll appreciate them the most.

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