Saturday, October 8, 2011

A rainy Monday night

It rains a lot here, we've talked about this. But I started a story a few weeks ago on a rainy Monday night...I had a long but great day, and I worked on typing up some stories after school and into the evening, so that was good fun! Throughout the day there were easy opportunities to let myself feel stressed, but where’s the joy in that? I was determined to stay upbeat and excited all day—and I accomplished that goal! Josue, the teacher who has 2nd “B” in the mornings was absent that day…so Miss Harris bounced between both classrooms! I’m confident each class learned at least a little math and got a decent review in science. I really had so much fun with the kids. The way they laughed and giggled just cracked me up. 2nd A loves to hide behind the door after lunch/recess and "scare" me when I come into the classroom. One of the other kids always tells me who's behind the door, and they always jump out a little too late to actually scare me but it is almost always funny the way they make monster sounds and scary faces. I say almost always because sometimes they really need to just be good listeners and get into their seats so that we can start class :)

When Maryann got home from dance I had really started to rain. We were both feeling a little stir crazy, so we decided to walk to the little pulperia that's not too far.  Let me tell you it was raining!!! We laughed and told stories the whole way there, and once we got to the store the workers didn't understand why we'd trekked out in the rain. For how often it rains here, I'm really surprised how much it shuts people inside. I'm pretty sure the guys at the store were even more confused when none of our purchases where any necessities. I'm pretty sure we picked up cookies...well maybe just cookies and a bag of chips for Maryann. I snapped a picture of us on the walk home because it was so fun to skip around in the rain.
We both looked half-asleep in the first picture, so Maryann made scary eyes to try and look more  awake for this one...of course, we shared a good laugh

It rained so hard the power went out, so dinner consisted of cookies and peanut butter. Delicious? Absolutely. But sometimes I really wish we had a gas stove! And I had more will power :) It was a simple Monday, but if you can't celebrate the simple joys, well that's just a bummer. 

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