Monday, October 3, 2011

Barbie Girl

One of my classrooms is across from the 4th grade class, so those students get to share my good morning smiles while I'm greeting my kiddos. One day a chica in 4th grade smiled at me and said I looked like Barbie. I couldn't help but laugh, and told her I wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. She said it was a good thing, and we shared a quick hug. I've now come to know my fourth grade fan as Chelsea, and she gives me the best smiles throughout the day. She also wears some really cute clips and pins in her hair, which makes me wish twenty-five year olds could pull off the same look as a ten year old. She started referring to me as Barbie Girl, and was always saying it in a sort of mocking to describe it, almost sung but tauntish. Barrrbie Girlll. For a while I would just smile, but when she kept at it, and in front of other students, I asked how she felt about giving Miss Harris a try.

I of course don't understand why she thinks I look like Barbie, but I find it sweet regardless. A few weeks ago she made me a construction paper card with all these cute cut-outs and fun marked decorations. The front of the card said "Barbie Girl" which just makes me laugh. I've never been compared to Barbie! Mr. Garcia (Allan, her teacher) called me Barbie Girl when I was leaving the other day--which can't make me mad, because I've been calling him Binky (which is a joke from sticker Monday) for weeks now--but I stopped and asked what the heck was up with the Barbie comparison. When I said I just didn't get it because she's all kinds of tall and skinny with long blonde hair, his response was that to her that's what I am. I was so confused, and then so flattered. Little Chelsea sees me as a leggy blonde; maybe I owe her another hug!

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