Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Family Lunches

First period exam week proved to be a bit of a different animal than I was expecting. In talking with Emely she painted it as this relaxing week with the students getting out at noon, lots of free periods and break times to grade exams and sort of just take some much needed deep breaths after a long first quarter. Not so much. But there's that saying about life and lemons...I can confidently say when school/work/life hands me lemons, I make great lemonade, so bring on the lemons. As a complete aside, lemons mixed with the proper sweetener (honey, mmm) and fresh herbs can be juiced into a tasty popsicle. Does anyone else almost always struggle with the proper spelling of popsicle? Since the kids left right at lunch time the whole week, a lot of us teachers would get together to dig into some food and share stories about our day. We of course could have used this time to eat at our desks and grade mountains of papers, but that would have ruined the lemonade. Monday's "family lunch" sort of happened by chance, but the rest of the week it became this special thing we (or at least I) came to expect and really appreciate. Some days the table was a balanced mix of Spanish and English speakers, others it was mostly just us girls, but we always found something to talk about. It was nice getting to connect with some of the other teachers on a more personal level, and we even got to know the cafeteria cooking crew a little better.

Monday kicked off second period exam week, and we are trying to keep the family lunches alive. It gets me all nostalgic looking around the table for Kerem. Now if only someone would grade those exams...

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