Saturday, January 28, 2012

A baby shower

Way back in November I went to my first Honduran baby shower. Oddly enough, I attended another baby shower earlier tonight, so what an ironic day to write about the first. It's funny to sit and remember the baby shower, because I've held sweet little Camilita so much since then. Elvira y Orlin (mommy and daddy) are part of my Honduran family, and they make me feel like I'm practically an auntie to Camilita. Would you believe Elvira went into labor the morning of the baby shower? Mommy and baby came home the following day both happy and healthy gracias a Dios, and we enjoyed the shower even though we were missing them. The shower was at Orlin's brother's house just up the street from Javier and Kerem's. I'll have to get with Kerem to get a picture or two of the decorations, but it was so cute. They had cute little girl clothes decorating the walls, and a line of rope across the ceiling with more clothes, like a clothes lines, and a little message saying "baby girl" in little lady pink. So super cute. And if memory serves, one of the shirts on the wall was a vibrant kelly green and read "kiss me I'm American" and I just had to laugh.

We fit a lot of us into their sitting room, and just lined the exterior of the room with chairs so we could all see each other to chat. A group of friendly faces from church was there, so it was nice to get to know them a little better. We shared some food and chatted for hours. I'm not sure what lead us up to it, but we spent a good bit of time sharing all kinds of embarrassing stories. I'm pretty sure we all laughed until our cheeks hurt. It was so fun! To be honest, I think one of the coolest parts for me was being able to understand (for the most part...) and share funny stories all in Spanish. Remember this was back in early November, so I hadn't been here all that long yet. Every now and then I wouldn't get what they were saying, as jokes can be tricky to pick up on with the whole 'play on vocabulary I'm still learning and developing' thing, but Kerem would translate and we'd all get a second laugh at my delayed laughter. I told the story about when I was here in March and I mistakenly asked a woman to raise the price if I bought two of something of course intending to ask if she'd lower it. And now I can't stop laughing at the different things I've said since then that are equally if not even more ridiculous.

I remember it was a rainy day, in fact we foolishly decided to walk home from school that day and the sky decided to open up before we were even half way. When we were walking to their house after the shower Kerem and I hung back and watched the girls, elbows linked, heading on in the wet, misty darkness still laughing at some of the stories people told. Back in November I hardly knew most of the people at the shower, although I recognized most of them from church, but it's very exciting being able to now say I know most of them as family. It's a special thing to recognize the greatness of God, and how sweet He is to have such careful selection putting different people into our lives.
Look at this sweet thing!

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