Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Buena Vista (Round 2)

Driving to Tuesday's village Remmie mentioned he thought we'd visited the same village on our 2011 trip. I thought there was just no way, but he was absolutely right! We were greeted by the same, smiling teacher, and her students lined up in the same neat little rows to give us an incredible welcome.

Leading the morning prayer. They said a few different prayers, all of which were beautiful, but hearing such tiny voices recite the Catholic Morning Prayer brings tears to my eyes every time. Well, twice so far, but the odds are good I'd well up given a third opportunity.

The name, Buena Vista, means "good view"--proof they come by it honestly!

I translated Tonia's morning greetings in each village, and Tuesday Nury surprised me with a microphone. We are cracking up here because as I was trying to act all shy about the microphone I was having no problem using it to call the team over for the welcome. Silly girl

Clinic! I am almost positive our station is back right.

Getting in a manicure on her lunch break!

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