Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Mountains of work stand in the way of me journaling all sorts of fun stories, but I'll get there and it will be so fun to relax into detailing the memories. In the meantime, today deserves a few shout-outs.
  • After half the words from 2Bs door were scattered around the hallway Monday morning, I am happy to report the wind tunnel was no match for my glue/tape combo and the door was found intact this morning.
  • The cauliflower was looking great at the market--sadly a rare enough occasion and warrants making this list.
  • A new Barnabas team brought a care package from Mom and Dad--thanks guys!!! I'm cozy in the sweatshirt (it has been COLD!) and Maryann enjoyed some hot chocolate with fun colored marshmallows. You guys spoil us, and we love it :)
  • I translated at a church service tonight, and the sermon was all about the power of positive thinking. Look at that!
  • After the service someone told me they could feel my excitement through the translation, which...well I took that as quite the compliment, and it honestly gets me a little goosebumpy.
    • I made up a word (yes, I realize goosebumpy is not a word) during the translation because I couldn't think of the exact word in English, but luckily a few people on the team corrected me. I blushed into the mike and laughed confessing, "And I teach English!" 
  • Eric from 2B was the first to recognize the nouns in a picture in English class today, and he used a few in sentences that made sense. Big win!
  • Leti sold me a fat stack of tortillas this evening, and I can't wait to dig into them at tomorrow's meals. She also remembered me from the last time I came by, so that's fun!
  • The remolacha (beets) were looking sexy today, and I scored a bunch with its leaves still attached and looking nice and green (rarity). I'm looking forward to sauteeing them with some eggs tomorrow. Sounds strange? Don't knock it! Or go three months with scant opportunity to eat a leafy green. It's all about perspective...
  • I finally have all the grades from the Spanish teachers, so I can get these report cards wrapped up and off my mind for about 8-9 more weeks.
  • There were so many friendly faces around the market this evening, and it is such a great feeling sharing smiles, hugs and how are yous with so many new people. 
  • Nancy and Kip, the Barnabas presidents, are in town until Dec 8 and it will be so nice to spend some time with them while they're here. Nancy brought cards that had arrived at the office in Virginia, and I am one happy girl. I received three cards today, from three of my girls, and it was so nice to get hugs from each of them on such a chilly day. Thanks loves :) missing you like crazy.
Time to get back to promedios and sobresaliente lists. Missing home here and there, but content feeling so at home here these days.

Recibe toda la gloria